Empowering You To Shine Your True Brilliance

Hi, my name is Sandra, and I help women fall back in love with themselves by addressing not only what is on their plates, but also what they feed their minds.   



Change your mindset, change your life. Understand how your limiting stories are robbing your happiness. Learn new ways to eliminate them and feel alive and in control of your life.  


Feel energised and fuelled by life. Learn to listen and recognise the needs of your body. Thrive instead of survive. Build lasting healthy eating habits. 


Feel comfortable in your skin. Fall in love with your body and rediscover the version of yourself you didn't know existed. Feel empowered, happy and at peace with who you are. 

If this is you...

  • You are running a successful business, but it is no longer bringing you the fulfilment it used to.
  • You lack love and deep connection in your romantic relationships.
  • You feel disconnected from your body and your life, and every night you find yourself unwinding with the glass of wine.
  • You know that there is more to life, but you can't seem to comprehend what is it that you are lacking.

...but instead you want...

  • To connect with your friends and family through deep and meaningful conversations.
  • To spend quality time with your partner nurturing and growing your romantic relationship.
  • To feel fulfilled and happy in all areas of your life.
  • To fill your desire and show up in the world creating a difference in the causes that you are passionate about.

Take Action Today

When you HEAL yourself, you CHANGE the world. Learn how to create long-lasting happiness that comes from within by filling your self-love cups first. When you give to yourself, you can give more to others. If you are not sure where to start, apply for one on one Transformational Life Coaching Today.


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